Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Life is good

Oyster's simply just drizzeled with Lemon

Crawfish cooked in a Beerbrew with Dill

and served with a nice little salad & some garlic bread

Food for Friends

Favorite Curry & Wedges & Wild Rice, full of flavour

Freshly baked bread with diffenrent toppings you like - always a joy 

And then we all couldn't miss the big game 👍

Montag, 17. MĂ€rz 2014

Hello Spring!

Spring is finally here and food starts to taste so fresh and good again! Here are some of my latest dishes that bring in just a bit more of those "springy" feelings 

    My favorite place, right our door -

     Farfalle with Salmon, fresh herbs &                     
                Prossecco & Lemon

        Bruscetta with Wildflower Salad

       Fish & Chips with Sauce Tartare

Sonntag, 2. MĂ€rz 2014

Catching up loads!!!

Hi everybody!! Been busy, but still cooking & being creative !!! We are building a house and it's about done, but took a lot of energy so I have not been able to keep the blog up to date!!
But here you go - some pics & recipe ideas if you want! Enjoy!!!

     Little spring rolls a with my favorite                
                   Mozzarella Platter

    Wild Rice with steamed Mushrooms,
       Chicken, Spring Onions & Lime

My version of 
@Jamieoliver's #savewithjamie 
Tray baked chicken, Tomatoes,        Peppers, Salad & some crispy sweet  Potatoe chips!       

My lovely chicken nests with veggies & a creamy cheesy sauce!

Samstag, 13. April 2013

Super delicious marinated Cod-Filet with a Herby-Lime-Yoghurt-Dipserved on a Salad Bouquet

I must say - this was sooo delicious - I had a recipe, where the yoghurt dip was served with the marinated baked cod filets... But I decided to put the marinated fish in a baking dish, covered it with the yoghurt sauce and sprinkled it with whole wheat & spelt breadcrumbs & Olive oil, served on a beautiful salad. It was really delicious and I will make this for sure again! I believe it's a great dish, when friends come over! Enjoy!!!

Freitag, 5. April 2013

Grilled White Sea Bass with Prawns, Garlic Bread & a nice light herbalSalad

A little Spring-tuned Carrot Soup with Ginger & a Crouton Butterfly

What's nicer then to slice up some nice veggies of the season, fry them in Olive oil until softened - add onions & garlic at the same time, a thumb-sized piece of Ginger, a few leaves of sage & thyme. Fill the pot up with 1 1/2 liters of good veggie or chicken stock. Let cook for about 40 minutes. Season with Salt & Pepper.
Use an Immersion blender to get the real creamy consistence of your soup and add a lug of sour cream. Season to Taste!